Home School Partnership

What can I do to help my child in school?

We welcome and value your support for your child and his school, and look forward to working with you to make the most of the educational opportunities offered by the school.

When your child starts school we will give you a Home School Partnership Agreement.  We would like you to read and discuss this with your child and sign it and return it to school.  Please click on the link below to download a copy of our Home School Agreement.

Home School Agreement document

Parents are experts concerning their child and the teaching staff are experts in the field of education. When parents and teachers share their knowledge and expertise, the pupil is likely to be happier in school and his progress is significantly enhanced. Research evidence endorses the benefits to the child of a strong partnership between home and school.

How can I help my child in practice? Suggestions for your consideration:

Try to ensure that he goes to bed at the appropriate time, so that he arrives at school rested, refreshed and ready to work.

Please support the school by sending him to school wearing the correct uniform, which has been marked or labelled with his name.

Make sure he gets to school on time with all he needs for the day e.g. correct P.E. & swimming gear, indoor shoes, reading books, etc. Get to know the staff and do not be afraid to ask them about anything you do not understand.

Share stories, poetry and non-fiction with your child regularly and show him that you enjoy reading.

Take part in the school’s shared reading programme and contribute regularly to his reading link book.

When your child is given homework, (e.g. learning multiplication tables, spellings, handwriting practice) help by finding him a quiet place to work and take an interest in his achievements.

Show an interest in what he is learning by seeking out some books, magazine articles or television programmes related to the topic the class is studying, or by visiting a museum or place of interest.

Encourage your child to take part in after-school clubs, sports, music and drama activities, and participate in day and residential visits.

Attend parent/teacher consultation evenings and share your child’s annual report with him, discussing targets for next term.

Further suggestions to help your child make the most of his time in school:

Set aside time each day to spend with your child, showing him that you are interested in what he says and does, and that you enjoy conversation with him.

Encourage and praise each achievement, however small.

Make it very clear to your child that you consider learning to be important and fun.

Remind him that he has permission to make mistakes, that we all do, and that making mistakes can be one of the best ways in which we can learn.

Provide opportunities for him to learn to co-operate and share with others, take turns and generally give consideration to others.

Encourage the development of concentration and perseverance through games and family activities.

Encourage him to show care and respect for his own property and that belonging to other children and the school.

Please support the aims and objectives of the school, its rules, ethos and philosophy.

You won’t agree with everything we do, but we hope that you will agree with most things, and will support them all!