Information for Parents

Communication with Parents

Below are ways in which parents and teachers can communicate with each other.

Informal talks with Staff – teachers are usually available to talk to parents after school except Wednesday when it is staff meeting or before school in the morning.

Informal talks with the Headteacher – Mr. Serle can be seen walking around the school first thing in the morning and after school at 3.00pm.  If you would like a formal meeting please make an appointment in the school office.

Parents/Teacher Consultation Evenings – these are held twice a year by appointment

Children’s Reports – A report is sent home to parents at the end of the Summer Term.

Parent Mail  –  99% of families have signed up for Parent Mail. This is a FREE SERVICE which will help with home/school communication and enable us to keep in touch with last minute arrangements. When your child starts Thomas Reade School you will be given an individual log in code.  You can sign up via your computer at work or home or a mobile phone.

We have saved a lot of money and time being able to communicate with you via Parent Mail

If you require any help with this please pop in to the School Office.

We also use

This is an online account which allows parents to log in choose their child hot lunch and pay for any school trips.  When you register with the school you will receive your own unique online link code.

If you require any help with this please pop in to the School Office.


Privacy and GDPR

Thomas Reade School takes student privacy extremely seriously. To see how we protect student privacy, please read the Thomas Reade School Privacy Notice. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact John Serle, Headteacher.