Sporting events and achievements

June 2022 – Quad Kids


Class 4 & 5 and Class 6 & 7 enjoyed some sun soaked fun at Tilsey Park, taking part in the Abingdon Quad Kids.

Class 4 & 5 placed 3rd in the district and then 3rd at Vale.

Class 6 & 7 placed 3rd in the district and then 5th at Vale.


June 2022 – Cricket

Congratulations to the girls cricket team who won the Abingdon Vale Kwik Cricket tournament!

June 2022 – Tag Rugby Club

Congratulations to the Tag Rugby club – Chairman cup winners!

March 2022 – Boccia tournament

The first Boccia tournament for a number of years took place for our Team Reade side. The trip to Faringdon Leisure Centre saw our team of three take on three other schools to try and reach the Oxfordshire finals. The boys started very strongly and won their first match 8-3, earning a well deserved break to have a chat about tactics for the next game. A very tightly fought second fixture brought some incredible game play with the white jack being hit several times by both sides to constantly change the score-line, but Team Reade pulled through to win 6-2. The final fixture proved to be the toughest of them all – knowing a victory would take them into the semi-final each end finished with millimetres between the winning balls, unfortunately the boys’ valiant efforts finished just short with a 4-1 loss. The boys missed out going through the Semi Finals by a tight margin.

March 2022 – Boys football

The boys league started last week with a fixture on the Monday and Wednesday.

The first fixture took the side to St Michael’s Primary School in Steventon. A small, bumpy pitch greeted us as we arrived, which after all our hard work at training, playing the ball on this type of pitch was going to be a tricky task. The boys started extremely well against a fierce St Michael’s side and Team Reade took the lead 10 minutes into the fixture thanks to a mistake by the goalkeeper from St Michael’s, which allowed the ball to role into the goal. The game continued to be fiery, fast and frantic as St Michael’s side gained a deserved equaliser from a thunderous strike. Before half time turne, another strike which topped the thunderous earlier strike, turned the game on its head to give the advantage to St Michael’s at the break of 2-1. Team Reade took on the second half with real passion and determination to overturn the 1 goal deficit and threw everything possible at it, but the St Michael’s side held firm to prevent an equaliser and the game finished St Michael’s 2-1 Thomas Reade.

Wednesday was the second away scheduled fixture of the week with another short trip down the A34 to Chilton Primary School, which was played on the Harwell Campus. The surface which greeted us this time was certainly a pitch that would suit their performance. A very strong start saw some good build up play. The dominance and desire continued, and the first goal came through Seb with a tap into the back of the net. The game carried on being all Team Reade! The hunger of each player continued to be seen and a fantastic build up play was finished smartly by Jensen giving Team Reade a 2-goal advantage. There was still just enough time for one more counter attack before the half time whistle. A pin-point cross from George found Jensen once again in the box to provide a leaping header into the net to bring the score at half time to 3-0. The second half brought plenty more chances for Team Reade, alongside a few nervous moments as Chilton tried to apply some pressure and forced the defensive unit into being alert. In addition to this, most of the pressure and changes went in favour of Team Reade with many chances being stopped by the Chilton goalkeeper until Charlie managed to add the final goal of the game to bring the full-time score to Chilton 0-4 Thomas Reade.

Mr Wharton

February 2022

The final week of last term brought a busy week of fixtures for the schools football teams.

Our Girls went up against Goring in a double header. Monday brought the Goring squad to the home of Team Reade. Having played each other earlier in the school year, both teams knew the fixture was going to be tough and competitive. The first half proved to be very tight, with a few changes and each side cancelling out each others attacking threats.

The second half proved to be much more open with many chances for each side. Goring had mastered a well worked corner routine which took a lucky deflection to sneak in at the back post. Team Reade continued to make chances and came up against a brick wall thanks to the Goring goalkeeper. Goring’s second came on the counter attack and was cleverly finished by their striker. The efforts of the girls were amazing, but they just couldn’t find the net and Goring ran out 0-2 winners.

Match two of the week was the return fixture for the girls at Goring. The weather having taken a twist: wind and rain added another challenge. A battling first few minutes saw the ball being blown off the pitch more than in play. This resulted in a corner for Goring which, like a repeat of Monday’s fixture, saw a similar routine hit the legs of a number of girls ending up in the net. The fight from Team Reade’s girls was brilliant; they continued to create plenty of opportunities but just couldn’t find the back of the net. The goal of the two games went to Goring’s striker who produced a fantastic individual goal against the run of play. Tilly helped the Team Reade fight for a comeback by pouncing on a mistake from the Goring defence and firing in a much deserved goal. The girls continued to fight and push for an equalizer and gave a brilliant account of themselves just before the final whistle came to a 2-1 defeat.

Year 4 & 5 boys team

Thursday was an opportunity for the year 4 and 5 boys to attend a recreational football tournament at Tilsley Park, where they came up against other schools mainly made up of year 6’s. Team Reade took 2 teams of 6 boys who all played their part in 4 fixtures against these other schools. Each of the boys played with a huge smile on their faces and really enjoyed playing against other teams. They enjoyed showing all the skills and ideas they have been learning over the previous weeks from Football Club, alongside scoring plenty of goals and getting involved in many different positions on the pitch during each game. Each and every boy from Team Reade represented the school brilliantly. 

Mr Wharton

November 2021

Girls Football Tournament

Match 1

Thomas Reade vs Sonning Common

The first game of the tournament brought us to play Sonning Common. Team Reade quickly obtained possession of the ball but Sonning kicked it away from their goal. Their plan was thwarted as Anabelle made an amazing throw to Tilly, who made a fantastic assist to Gracie . Gracie then easily tapped the ball into the back of the net before the Sonning goalie had a chance to react. Half time and Team Reade were 1 up. Sonning started the second half which resulted in a skilful run down the wing, but our amazing defenders Roisin and Cleo kept it away from the box with an astonishing clearance. Team Reade rushed back onto the front foot. A corner then resulted in a penalty after a Sonning player handled the ball, which was heading towards the goal (despite the ref, Mr Wharton very reluctantly wanting to give it). Gracie then gracefully took a few steps back, ran forward and scored a calm penalty into the top corner of the net. 

The game finished Thomas Reade 2-0 Sonning Common. Victory!

Match 2

Oratory Prep vs Thomas Reade

The second game saw Team Reade up against Oratory Prep. With Team Reade getting the game underway, Oratory showed how tough they were going to be by stealing the ball quickly from us. The defenders had to act quickly but were not quick enough to halt their speedy striker, luckily Tilly got back just in time to get a diving block to save Team Reade. This resulted in a quick turn over, but Oratory’s goalie got there just before Eloise managed to get her shot away. The ball rolled to one of the Oratory players who dribbled up the wing to take a shot. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced beside Juliette who grabbed the ball hastily. This was one of the many great saves by Juliette throughout this game. The last promising act of the game fell to Emilia, whose quick feet and fantastic dribbling skills earnt Team Reade a free kick mid-way inside Oratory’s half. The ball was put in the direction of Tilly, who was pressured by many Oratory players just before the full time whistle went. 

Thomas Reade 0-0 Oratory Prep. 

Match 3

Goring vs Thomas Reade 

Team Reade went into this match knowing if they could defeat Goring and better Oratory’s score, they would win the group. Goring also knew they had an outside chance of topping the group, which made for a fascinating battle ahead. 

Goring started on the front foot with one of their players dribbling around our wingers to advance the goal, but the shot was just off target. A clever interception by Iona stopped Goring heading into the penalty area, although the pressure from Goring forced her to put the ball out of play for a corner before a wild shot which was going wide, deflected off a defender and went into the opposite side of the net. The first half continued to be mostly Goring, who kept Juliette busy in the Team Reade goal but held on to half time 1-0 down. 

The second half was so important, and the tension was felt by the players, subs and amazing parents who brought us to the game, knowing two goals could result in winning the game and potentially the tournament. Keeping that in mind, knowing how close we could be to winning, Mr Wharton’s pep talk was encouraging before heading back out onto the pitch. 

The second half started very strongly with Tilly, Eloise and Isla all getting into promising positions. The goal of the tournament came against the run of play and to Goring, the players skilful run down the left and clever cut into the penalty area was neatly finished. Three goals needed now which was quickly drawn back to two with a sweet cross from Gracie, cut open the Goring defence for Tilly to rifle a shot into the back of the net – giving Team Reade a few minutes to keep trying. With all the girls’ efforts and staying on the front foot until the end of the game, Team Reade fell short of getting what they truly deserved from the second half display. 

Goring 2-1 Thomas Reade. 

A HUGE congratulations to the girls, who finished 3rd place in the competition and a massive thank you goes to the parents who took us and encouraged us to keep playing until the end. All the girls played fantastically.

Written by Roisin and Anabelle. 

Thomas Reade vs Stanford in the Vale

Stanford got us under way with kick off at 3:15pm on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Straight away Team Reade got the ball from Stanford and quickly moved forward before the Stanford defender kicked the ball out for the games first corner. Gracie took the whipped corner in towards Tilly whose fierce shot resulted in the first goal of the game.

From the restart, possession changed to Team Reade straight away with a long ball cleared by the defenders that fell to the feet of Emelia who managed to dribble past many Stanford’s players. Emelia’s thunderous shot was unstoppable and changed the score line to 2-0 in less than 5 minutes of the game. Team Reade continued to be on the front foot throughout the opening stages which allowed for a smartly passed ball from Eloise . This then set up for Gracie to go on an amazing run and finished with a cleverly placed shot to increase the score to 3-0.

Reade’s dominance continued as Isla made a creative pass into the path of Tilly. Tilly’s quick burst resulted in her second goal of the game to grow the lead to 4. The 5th came just before the half time whistle as Emelia took hold of the ball and bustled her way into the Stanford box to score her 2nd goal of the game.

Half time came and the drinks were well deserved. The efforts were recognised by Mr Wharton and advice was given for the second half.

We got back underway and all the efforts put into the first half started to slow with the defenders keeping Stanford in check. Emelia completed her Hat Trick after a number of attempts resulting with her most powerful goal of the game – increasing the lead to 6! Stanford applied more pressure but the goalie stood firm in the Reade goal to hold onto her clean sheet.

Written by Cleo and Gracie.

Final Score: Thomas Reade 6-0 Stanford in the Vale

Gracie– 1    Emilia– 3      Tilly– 2

A big well done to all the girl