Foundation Stage

We are very proud of our Foundation Unit

FoundationMrs. Smith's Class

Our Foundation Setting is a bright and cheerful purpose-built facility with its own cloakroom and toilets, large open-plan room ,”chill-out” room, staff office, covered play area and an enclosed garden. Children attend throughout the week from 9.00am to 3.00pm when they are full time and for either morning sessions (9.00am to 12 noon) afternoon sessions (12 noon to 3.00pm) when they are part time. For each session, the classroom and garden are set up with a variety of activities that children can participate in freely. The open-plan room is divided into a number of special-purpose areas such as:

  • a book corner
  • a writing area
  • an art area for water, sand, clay, painting and model-making
  • a construction area
  • an ‘imaginative play’ area
  • a smart board and computer
  • a maths area
  • display areas for children’s work, books, natural objects, etc.
  • tables for games, puzzles, cooking, etc.
  • We place great emphasis on our garden and outdoor area, where the children’s learning is enriched by a wide range of equipment and facilities such as:
    • a large covered sandpit
    • climbing frames and slides
    • sand and water
    • hoops, tyres, bicycles and balls
    • dressing-up clothes
    • large wooden bricks
    • prams, pushchairs and trolleys
    • wooden playhouse

Many of the Foundation activities are versatile with respect to the weather, and can take place both inside and outside. There may be constructive play indoors on the carpets or outside on tables. We often have painting or printing activities taking place outside. Aside from organised activities, the children always have the opportunity, come rain or shine, to stretch their legs and play outside. To find out more about the Foundation Stage click on the link below

This week the children have been learning all about Diwali, they have made Diva lanterns, learnt Indian dancing and had the opportunity to have their hands painted with henna.

Many thanks to our parents Shital and Priti for spending the morning with us Henna     Indian Dance Henna