House Captains and Reward Systems

House Captains and Reward Systems

Headteacher Merits

The school operates a House system. The Houses are Garnet, Sapphire, Citrine and Malachite and each year a Captain and a Vice Captain are elected from Year 6. All children are allocated to a House on entry to the school.

The aim of the house system is to allow a cross-section of the school, from the Foundation Stage to Year 6, to work together and be rewarded as a team.

The rewards will take the form of individual merits, which will be awarded for the following reasons:

  • High standard of work
  • Sustained effort
  • Consistent improvement
  • General helpfulness
  • Consistent good behaviour
  • Other reason

Individual Quality Merit System

Every child will have their own Record of Achievement with each individual merit counting as a house point.
All staff can award the merits. When the children gain 25 merits they will be rewarded by receiving the following:

  • A Headteacher’s Merit Certificate
  • A Success Story letter so you can share in your child’s achievement.
  • A Headteacher’s merit sticker which can be displayed on books, lunchboxes, etc., or at home.

There are many levels to achieve:  No. 1, No. 2 Certificates, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These are awarded as your child progresses through the school from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 to Lower Key Stage 2 and then Upper Key Stage 2.

Please take an interest in how many merits your child earns and give them your full support.