Class 7

November 2021

On Tuesday 23rd November, five students from Mr Austin’s class attended a business enterprise challenge at Abingdon School. They, alongside a sixth former from Abingdon Boys, were given the task of trying to develop a new healthy snack bar. The task of putting together a presentation, a product name, marketing areas and ingredients brought the group together to be given the award of Super Participation.  The judges were very impressed with how well the group worked collectively, the way they spoke during the presentation and for coming up with the catchiest name “Dinomunch” and the best slogan “Totally Roarsome”.

Well done to the group for all of their hard work.

Welcome to Class 7

Expectations of Class 7:

In Class 7, you are expected to have a good attitude to learning, be sensible and always go for gold. You should respect the adults in school and your classmates and obey the school rules and the Power of Five. You should listen when others are talking, and make sure you talk kindly to each other. You will have a lot more responsibility, like doing monitor jobs and carrying messages around the school and setting a good example for the younger children. You’ll have to work harder because you have SATs at the end of the year. It’s important to try your best and learn from your mistakes.

Highlights of the year:

There are so many highlights in Class 7. Sulgrave Manor is great because you get to dress up as a Tudor and explore a Tudor manor. Another highlight is IMPS – you learn all about CPR, how to keep safe and how to save lives. Kilvrough is a five-day residential in Wales that is about building confidence. There are so many fun activities, you learn new skills and you’re with your friends and can have so much fun! Legoland is a fun end of year treat which is unforgettable. You get to go on so many rides, have time with friends, and explore the world in Lego! After SATs week, you get to have a SATs party – you eat so much amazing food (biscuits, cake, ice cream, crisps) and listen to music and play games.

Key topics:

We study lots of exciting topics in class 7 –we start by learning all about Tudor life, then we study mountains and exploration, finally we study the ancient Greeks. In the Year 6 play, you get to have fun auditioning for parts/solos and practising and performing it. Finally, making Aboriginal art lizards is where you get to spend hours painting dots and patterns onto a lizard using different tools and doing aboriginal dot art.

Key documents:

  • Homework letter
  • Welcome letter
  • SATs and Kilvrough letter

Useful resources for our class/parent volunteers:

  • Artefacts or resources linked to our topics are always useful. Maybe you have a didgeridoo or dot design boomerang that would be good for the children to see during our Aboriginal art project
  • Old button-down long-sleeved shirts are always useful for Art and DT projects
  • In term 6 we make Greek masks so if you could collect paper and magazines to use for papier mache for the start of June that would be really helpful!
  • In term 6 we will need parent helpers to run 2 six-week courses of cycling proficiency which will run on a Tuesday