Class 7

Welcome to Class 7

Expectations of our class:

In Class 7, we are expected to have an excellent attitude towards our learning. We need to be sensible in class and always listen to and follow instructions. We must always put in 100% effort and “Go for Gold” in every lesson. We must respect the adults we work with and other members of our class. We know that we listen when others are talking and speak kindly to both children and adults. We obey the class rules, school rules and the “Power of Five”. Finally, we are taught to persevere with all our work and to never give up.

We have a lot more responsibility in Class 7, like doing monitor jobs, carrying messages around the school and setting a good example for the younger children. We will need to work harder because we have SATs at the end of the year. It is important to try our best and learn from our mistakes.

In Class 7, we earn table points and merits which earn us certificates in assembly and go towards a reward at the end of each term. Each week, we have homework to do which is usually a maths & literacy activity and spellings to learn. We read at least 3 times a week at home (most of us read every day) and we try to read to an adult as well. We also practise our times tables and division facts which are very important in Year 7. If we don’t know our facts, we will find maths really hard.

Highlights of the year:

We have many highlights in Class 7. Just after we do our SATs, we get to go on a five-day residential to Kilvrough in Wales. We do adventurous activities including canoeing, surfing, climbing, abseiling and caving. The whole week is all about building confidence and really helps us to become more independent. We have so much fun there with all our friends.  Throughout the year, we get to take part in sports competitions with children from other schools which are always great fun. We also get to go to a fire station in Oxford and participate in Junior Citizen where we try many different real-life scenarios where we have to think about safety. Towards the end of the year, we get to have a fun day out at Legoland with our friends and have a leavers’ BBQ on the school field.

Key topics in our class:

We start the year with our mountains and volcanoes topic. We learn all about the conquest of Everest in 1953 and research the lives of Tenzing Norgay Edmund Hillary (the first two men up Everest). For the last two years, we have been lucky and had a live video chat with Jamling Norgay in Nepal (the son of Tenzing Norgay) and ask him all about Everest. We study the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79 and write newspaper reports on it. We also look at the Ancient Greeks and study heroes and heroines as well as mythical creatures. We also do research into what is was like to live life in Ancient Greece.

Key documents:

Any important information about trips and other activities will be sent out via “Parentmail” it is good to check your e-mails every week.

Useful resources for our class:

Artefacts or resources linked to our topics are always useful. Maybe you have a didgeridoo or dot design boomerang that would be good for the children to see during our Aboriginal art project. You might also have books or resources linked to Mount Everest, mountains, volcanoes or the Ancient Greeks.

Helpful/useful websites:

These are some of the websites we have found useful when in Class 7:

Mathletics – maths (internet) – Maths (internet) – maths (internet) – maths (internet)

Squeebles – times tables (APP) – English (internet) – spellings (internet)

BBCBitesizeKS2 – maths, English & science (internet)

November 2021

On Tuesday 23rd November, five students from Mr Austin’s class attended a business enterprise challenge at Abingdon School. They, alongside a sixth former from Abingdon Boys, were given the task of trying to develop a new healthy snack bar. The task of putting together a presentation, a product name, marketing areas and ingredients brought the group together to be given the award of Super Participation.  The judges were very impressed with how well the group worked collectively, the way they spoke during the presentation and for coming up with the catchiest name “Dinomunch” and the best slogan “Totally Roarsome”.

Well done to the group for all of their hard work.