Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

 Expectations of our class:

In Class 6, we are expected to have an excellent attitude towards our learning. We need to be sensible in class and always listen to and follow instructions. We must always put in 100% effort and “Go for Gold” in every lesson. We must respect the adults we work with and other members of our class. We know that we listen when others are talking and speak kindly to both children and adults. We obey the class rules, school rules and the “Power of Five”. Finally, we are taught to persevere with all our work and to never give up.

We have fun in Class 6 and earn table points and merits which earn us certificates in assembly and go towards a reward at the end of each term. Each week, we have homework to do which is usually a maths and literacy activity and spellings to learn. We read at least 3 times a week at home (most of us read every day) and we try to read to an adult as well. We also practise our times tables and division facts which are very important in Year 5. If we don’t know our facts, we will find maths hard.

Highlights of the year:

We have many highlights in Class 6. We go on a trip to Reading Museum in the Autumn term to help us when we are studying the Victorians. It is a fun day as we also get to dress up as Victorian children. In the Spring term, we go the Winchester Planetarium where we see an amazing show about space and get to explore various scientific activities. In the Summer term, we go on a boat trip up the River Thames and try and spot different river features and wildlife that we have been studying in our Rivers topic. In the Spring Term, we design and create our own chocolate bars linked to our Aztec topic. During the whole year, we get a chance to work with the Lego We Do 2 kits and learn how to make moving machines.

Key topics in our class:

We start the year with learning about the Victorians and forces in science. In the Spring term, we study the Aztecs and learn about materials in science. We also do our school production which is always great fun. In the Summer term, our topic is Rivers. We learn about pollution and river features. The school nurse also comes in and we learn about puberty. In science, we study earth and space, as well as living things and their habitats. Throughout the year, we study different aspects of RE including Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

Key documents:

Any important information about trips and other activities will be sent out via “Parentmail” it is good to check your e-mails every week and make a note of any important dates,

Useful resources for our class/parent volunteers:

In the Autumn term, we go swimming and we always need two parents to help when walking the children to the pool. The class teacher puts up a list which you can add your name to if you can help.

Pringles tubes for music activities

Newspapers to put on tables when painting

Old shirts for painting!

Helpful/useful websites:

These are some of the websites we have found useful when in Class 6:

Mathletics – maths (internet)

Topmarks – Maths (internet) – maths (internet) – maths (internet)

squeebles – times tables (APP) – English (internet) – spellings (internet)

BBC Bitesize KS2 – maths, English & science (internet)

Recommended books/authors:

We enjoy reading a range of books in Class 6 but some of our favourite titles and authors are:

Pamela Butcher novels, Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Anthony Horowitz, Dork Diaries, David Walliams, Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Ryan, Jim Smith