Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Expectations of our class:

In Class 4 you have become part of KS2 and you are expected to set a good example for the children in KS1. You also want to be helpful, and friendly to the younger children. In class you should listen carefully to the adults and your classmates so that you know exactly what you need to do. It is important to try your best and ask for help when you need it. You’ll learn to become more independent and take more responsibility for yourself, your work and your belongings. During the year you will learn to join your handwriting, know your tables up to the 9 times table, and always work neatly!

Highlights of the year:

There are many highlights in Year 3 including: The Natural History museum, Chedworth Roman Villa, Oxford Botanic Gardens, Roald Dahl museum and of course our production. There are lots of opportunities to dress up, try new activities, learn new skills and have fun whilst you are learning. The production gives everyone the opportunity to have a speaking part and we learn to work as a team to produce an exciting, colourful and lively play. At Christmas we join in with the whole school to visit the playhouse in Oxford a definite highlight!

Key topics in our class:

During the year we learn about The Romans, An African Village, The British Isles as well as lots of other exciting work in the other areas of the curriculum.  The Romans are fun to learn about particularly their villas and how they lived. During ‘Children in Action’ afternoon we got the opportunity to make a Roman Diorama which was fun. Art covers lots of different areas including painting, mosaics, clay work and mask making which was particularly messy!

Key documents:

During the year there are some important letters or documents that you should look out for. These will either be by parentmail or as a letter.

  • Termly welcome letters
  • Home school agreement
  • Internet safety letter
  • Homework letter at the beginning of the year

Useful resources for our class/parent volunteers:

In Term 1 we will be making Dioramas during Children in Action afternoon. For these we will need shoe boxes and cardboard tubes. We don’t have much storage space so please hang on to them until the beginning of September. During our topics its always interesting to share any artefacts that you may have. In P.E we always need help during our swimming sessions so look out for the list that will be put up outside the classroom.

Recommended Books

In Year 3 we study everything to do with Roald Dahl and his writing, so reading any of his wonderful books is always a good start!

Useful Websites

Going onto Mathletics is a fun way to help your learning particularly your tables.