Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning with you. Below is some information that might be useful to you.

Expectations of our class – by class 3!

  • We behave sensibly
  • We listen to and follow instructions.
  • In Class 3 we set a good example for class 2, especially in the cloakrooms.
  • We stay safe by looking after each other and working as a team by listening to each other
  • Sometimes we need to work quietly to help us concentrate
  • One of our class rules is to share all the equipment and that’s important
  • It is important that you learn from your mistakes and we all do that even Mrs. O’Hare!
  • We must show respect to each other and that’s what is important
  • If we are sensible, we get marbles for our table and then the Stars of the Week crayons. If you are Child of the Day, you also get your own crayons for the day

Highlights of the year – from the children in Class 3

  • We enjoyed the school trips, especially to the Rainforest
  • In the summer term, we get to go swimming at the Leisure Centre
  • We have done lots of art which is a lot of fun
  • We had caterpillars in the class and watched them grow into butterflies. We let them free, but I saw my butterfly in my garden!
  • We do lots of maths like division and multiplication and some of this is numeracy too – place value, money, time, adding, taking away, rounding – there’s lots of stuff
  • The best was learning to write stories especially about dragons
  • We had to make vehicles in Design and Technology, and we found out about axle holders
  • When we had finished our SATS we had a Rumpus – it was so so fun (and we nearly lost our voices!) We had a lot of food to celebrate the end of our SATS too
  • I’m glad I came to this school because there is a library with so many different books
  • The school discos are great, and we have a fete at Christmas, Easter and Summer
  • We did a play at Christmas with Class 2 and everyone did some singing and dancing. The gym club were Angels and we did some gymnastics

Key topics in our class – by the children in Class 3

  • We enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London
  • We learn lots of things – here’s my list – dinosaurs, partitioning numbers, the Amazon Rainforest and how it’s being chopped down – that is sad and MUST STOP!
  • Anthony Browne stories: Gorilla was my favourite book by Anthony Browne
  • We go into the computer room and there are lots of maths games to use and it’s great
  • We saw so many different things at the Rainforest and we painted the layers of the rainforest using broccoli, cauliflower and celery

Key documents:

Welcome to class 3 letter

Year 3 curriculum overview