School Council

Thomas Reade School Council comprises of Class Representatives who are elected by their peers.

Year 1 to 6 are elected to represent the rest of the class.  They regularly meet with Mr. Serle to discuss their views on school life and school improvement.

They play an important role in helping to make decisions in our school about special events, healthy eating, charity work and new equipment and resources.

The School Council Representatives for 2016/17 are:

School Council

Class 2        George Richens and Roisin Freeman

Class 3         Damien Platt and Luke Messenger

Class 4         Ellie Pearson and Myla Muir

Class 5         Millie Surrey and Ayaan Abbasi

Class 6         Daniel Terry and Madeline Yates

Class 7         Lucy Williams and Osman Gameel




They have come up with lots of wonderful things to do including events, fund raising activities, green activities and energy saving activities.  They are currently ordering new playground equipment for their classes and will be planning a fund raising event for Children in Need next term.